Our wines..and more!


Since 2004 Azienda Ferriera has been producing two white wines and two red ones, all dedicated to Rosanna and Remo who first believed in the potential of our vineyards: Rosi Albus, Rosi Rubeo, il Bianco di Remo and il Rosso di Remo.
During Summer 2014 for the 10th anniversary of our first grape harvest, a new wine has joined the Ferriera Family: the White Sparkling Ferriera Brut (Vino Spumante di Qualità): good as an aperitive, excellent for luch, dinner or for a toast with friends.
The Ferriera spirits are a homage to our land and vineyards: the grappa and the barred acquavit “Arzila”.
“Arzila” is a dialect form for the name of the village where Azienda Ferriera is located: Santa Maria dell’Arzilla.
And last but not least, the oil: a blend of three different types of olives (Raggiola, Leccino e Frantoio). An extra virgin olive oil with intense fragrance, excellent on a slice of home-made bread during food and wine tasting in the winery.

Rosi Albus

Bianchello del Metauro | DOC


An easy to drink wine, fresh, harmonious in its rather sharp taste, with hints of white flowers when young and fruity with hints of honey, when aged.

Grapes harvested by hand: Bianchello 100%.
Size: 750 ml.
Alcohol/volume: 12,5 % vol.
Pairing: fish and white meat. Excellent if served with appetizers and first courses. To be served at 10°C.

Rosi Rubeo

Colli Pesaresi Sangiovese | DOC


Pure Sangiovese, vintage wine (steel barrels), that speaks of the colour of the Sangiovese wine born from our lands, not heavy but beautiful to the eye, with ruby reflections that grant it its name: “Rubeo”. Soft to the palate after a fragrance of red fruits and grape must, ready to be enjoyed with great pleasure. It is produced simply, just like it is born from the land, because nothing that is made by man is more complex than the simplicity of the Earth.

Grapes harvested by hand: Sangiovese 100%.
Size: 750 ml.
Alcohol/volume: 12,5 % vol.
Pairing: excellent with meat, game, salami and cheeses. To be served at 19°C.

Il Bianco di Remo

Colli Pesaresi Bianco | DOC


This wine combines international aromas to the traditional white wine characters of the Marche region. Balanced, with hints of acacia and broom’s yellow flowers, long finish, tasty, full-bodied, mineral-rich wine.

Grapes harvested by hand: Verdicchio 60%, Chardonnay 40%.
Size: 750 ml.
Alcohol/volume: 13,5 % vol.
Pairing: excellent with shellfish, elaborate first courses, baked fish with savoury sauces, fresh cheeses and young seasoned salami. To be served at 12°C.

Il Rosso di Remo

Colli Pesaresi Sangiovese | DOC


The Rosso di Remo is our better idea of how to get old: in wooden cask Italica, seasoned and not roasted, just big enough to have the best relationship between wood and wine, only in the years when our Mediterranean climate gives fertility and suitable for cultivation to get a great wine. After 13 months of synergistic maturation in cask, we bottle it and refine for a few months and then start calmly, to drink it. Only Sangiovese, a few bunches per vine, less wine, so many expectations, so much pleasure to drink ta special wine.

Grapes harvested and selected by hand: Sangiovese 100%.
Size: 750 ml.
Alcohol/volume: 13,5 % vol.
Serving suggestions: midnight wine with music or talk with a special friends, a meal with everything that is red. At 18°C is better.


Olio Extravergine di oliva


Varietà oliva: raggiola frantoio leccino.
Fruttato medio con gradevole sentore di mandorla amara e di erbaceo, olio di grande equilibrio tra dolce amaro e piccante.
Ottimo in abbinamento alla cucina tipica del nostro territorio.

Formato: bottiglia da 500 ml.


Acquavite di Vino dei Colli Pesaresi


Acquavite di Vino Bianchello invecchiata 4 anni in piccole botti di rovere, morbida, vellutata, è un’esplosione di colori e sensazioni, profumi intensi che ricordano il Brandy.

Formato: bottiglia da 500 ml.
Alcool: 40° vol.


Grappa dei Colli Pesaresi


Distillando le vinacce di uva Bianchello, abbiamo ottenuto una grappa giovane, acidula, particolarmente morbida con note floreali e piacevoli sentori di frutta.

Formato: bottiglia da 500 ml.
Alcool: 40° vol.