Azienda Ferriera is located in the green hills of le Marche, in the Province of Pesaro and Fano. In the eighties, Rosannna and Remo’s passion for the soil, the sun and fruits led to the founding of the Azienda Agraria Ferriera. The soil and the land location were ideal for wine-growing so grape cultivation began immediately, boasting Bianchello, Chardonnay, Verdicchio and Sangiovese grapes.
As soon as the the wine growing operation was well launched, with successful results, the winery’s owners decided to seek new opportunities and began the cultivation on olive trees.

There were only a few olive-trees at first, in order to make use at its best of an estincultivated parcel of land. Today, the intense fragrance of the oil from those trees accompanies the main courses served to the winery’s guests. At the beginning of new millennium, new ideas led to plan for the exploitation of the excellent production of grapes. The opinion of a wine-expert confirmed such ideas and bottling of wine produced from the winery’s grapes began. In 2004 “il Bianco di Remo”, “il Rosso di Remo”, Rosi Rubeo and Rosi Albus were the first wines produced: they gave shape to a new success.

About Us

Azienda Ferriera relies upon a small but close team, with different skills and tasks, and also on collaborators who give their contribution to the more significant moments of the grape harvest. Only few but expert hands, take care of the vineyard and of the grapes, producing a wine that reflects in its simplicity, the essence of an honest and accurate work, just like in the past.

Environmental Sustainability

Our passion for wine dwells on the love for the land and the respect for tradition. The methods for cultivating and producing wine go back to the local wine-making tradition, with a strong focus on the environmental sustainability (a photovoltaic installation is used to produce energy; CO2 is recycled during the fermentation of must and reused for the grape harvest process and energy saving machinery are employed)
These are the aspects that characterize Azienda Ferriera: a small business linked to tradition and open to environmentally friendly innovations.

Our Vineyards

Azienda Ferriera owns about 10 hectars of land in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, producing mainly Bianchello, Chardonnay, Verdicchio and Sangiovese grapes, with an evoronmentally friendly approach during the cultivation.
The hand-made harvesting of grapes guarantees a fine selection of the best grapes, to preserve thil Bianchello del Metauro DOC.

The Bianchello del Metauro DOC gets its name from the vineyard of the same name (Bianchello or Biancame) and from the river Metauro.
It has very ancient origins linked to an interesting legend.
According to the ancient Roman historian Tacito, the Roman army defeated the Carthaginians by the Metauro river. The latter had drunk some Bianchello wine before the battle and that is why they were defeated.
Today the Bianchello del Metauro DOC enjoys a prominent position in the world of wine. It is a fragrant and easy drinking wine, good for aperitives and with fish dishes.